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Wordpress 5.3

WordPress 5.3 is awaited to release on 12th of November, 2019. This release is going to improve lot of bug fixes and upgrades. As it is last major release of this year, developers and designers are hoping for handy features.

Currently, 5.3 version is in development but you can test the beta update by downloading the Beta Version. You can also try Beta Tester Plugin on your local system to look the latest release upgrades. Let’s talk about the features of upcoming release.

PHP 7.4 compatibility

New release is going to support PHP 7.4 and deprecate older functions. It will boosts performance and improves code readability. However, PHP 7.4 is going to release in last week of November this year. By this, you can expect One Liner function or arrow functions (Like in JavaScript), preloading of libraries and modules etc. For more changes you can see the PHP changelog.

New Default Theme

Default theme of 5.3 version is new Twenty Twenty which is based on Chaplin (Free theme). This theme supports Block editing with wide and full alignment to create dynamic experience. New Typeface, post settings and infinite scroll are some features. If you want to try this theme, download from GitHub repository

Improved Admin Interaces

New Admin interface is based on Gutenberg style. Some part of the WP-Admin like forms, buttons, color contrasts, new color palette, enhance editor improves in version 5.3. It will improve accessibility and performance of admin interface.

Google UGC Nofollow link attribute

UGC Nofollow link attribute is introduced in this release. This attribute tell Google that it is user generated content and should not be trusted. Google continues to ignore no-follow link but may be treated them as a “hint”. In 5.3 release, old no-follow callback will deprecate.

Some more features of WordPress 5.3

  • Grouping of Blocks.
  • New Social Link Editor.
  • Site health checks Improvement.
  • Improvised version of Block Editor.
  • Resume support for big file upload.
  • Time/Date Component fixes for Developers.

To know more about the WordPress 5.3, check the link.

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