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Ubuntu Open Source Software operating System

Ubuntu is an open source software operating system managed by Canonical Software Company . As we know Canonical is very consistent with its release cycles of Long term support and interim releases. As the 19.10 interim release date is coming, everyone wants to know the new features. Canonical name this release as “Eoan Ermine”.

Eoan Ermine release date is set to 17th of October. Major update are GNOME 3.34 features, Pre-included drivers for NVIDIA graphics on ISO, Support for 32-bit apps and many more.

Now it is easier to integrate NVIDIA hardware on Ubuntu OS with proprietary or closed source drivers. Pre included drivers support in the ISO image boost the overall performance and efficiency.

Next big update is install OS with ZFS file system. ZettaByte File System(ZFS) is combined file system and Logical volume manager. It is scalable with zero data Loss capability. Also supports native compression and de-duplication technologies.

LZ4 compression algorithm is the default decompression algorithm in Eoan Ermine. It means kernel loading time is significantly faster than the previous releases. This version support other compression algorithms like GZIP, LZO, LZMA, BZIP2 etc. But LZ4 is faster among them.

Some other features are

  • New GNOME 3.34 features
  • Revamped Yaru GTK Theme ( Lighter theme is not default )
  • New Linux Kernel 5.3.
  • Flickr free boot for Intel users ( Slower boot time )

Apart from this, you can expect new Linux kernel 5.4 by December first week. New kernel will introduce Kernel Lockdown features with two Lockdown modes. One is Integrity mode and second is Confidentiality mode. This kernel also support AMD and GPUs. Linux also introduces native ExFAT file system to transfer more data in one go.

If you want to explore Ubuntu 19.10 ‘Eoan Ermine’ before release. You can try the Beta daily build.

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