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Google search Console adds two new report tool this month to track your video performance over search results. One Tool is Video Enhancement Report and other is Video appearance in Performance Report. Also, introduces Rich Results testing platform in Beta Phase for Mobile-First-Initiative.

As Internet going larger day by day, Videos are the most consuming content. For site owners, knowing video performance over search result is very effective and help them to modify their video markup content. Currently, Google have three ways to show video search results.

  • On the Main Search Page
  • Discover news Feed
  • Search Tab for Video

Video Enhancement Report

Video Enhancement Report help to discover the error and warning related to video markup implement on your website. Google Search Console provide analysis of structured content to explain Video metadata like duration, preview etc. This report is visible through new “Videos” tab under Enhancement Section. Report also allow site-owners to resolve and validate crawling issues related to particular video.

Video Appearances in Performance Report

Default Performance tab will support dedicated option for video in Search Appearance Tab. Using this report, owners can check the impressions and clicks for their content. However, Google will identify video on a page if page utilizes VideoObject Structured Data. Trigger to video link for crawler also works to discover video.

To know about videos report, check the official webmaster blog.

Rich Results Testing Platform

Search Console releases beta version of Rich results testing Platform to support their Mobile-First-Initiative. Test Platform run test for specific URL or code snippets for Rich result structured content. You can also choose a user agent to check results on different devices. As increased use of mobile devices, default user agent is GoogleBot Smart-Phone.

Rich Result
Rich Result Testing Plaform

Supported Rich Results type are Breadcrumbs, Logo, Video, FAQ etc. If there is any error or warning, you can expand the result for suggestions. To know more about this platform.

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