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What is Mobile First Indexing ?

Mobile-first indexing use the mobile version of the page of a website for indexing and ranking in Google search. The mobile first index means that Google search engine will consider mobile friendly websites first when deciding how to rank content. If your website has a mobile version or responsive design, Google might rank you based on how your website performs on different Operating System and different mobile devices

According to Google Official Developer Guide, From July 1, 2019, mobile-first indexing is enabled by default for all websites i.e. new to the web or not ranked on Google Search. Older websites need to follow best practices  so that Google can monitor and evaluate the website presence.

Should You Consider It?

Mobile first index is Google’s way of finding and serving up more relevant search results to different mobile users around the world. The search giant has selected a certain number of websites that meet the company’s search criteria for mobile-friendly design and are now using the mobile version of the site to populate the SERPs. Let’s say that your website was chosen to be involved with the Google mobile first index roll-out. You would get an alert in Google Search Console to let you know.


That’s mean you should consider it for your website. It will definitely increase the ranking of your site.

Some Practices for site having separate URLs :

  •  Verify Both version of your website In Google Search Console.
  •  Check hreflang on separate URLs.
  • Verify that your robots.txt directives and meta Tags works.
  • Make sure you have the correct rel=canonical and rel=alternate link elements between your mobile and desktop versions.
  • Your mobile site should contain the same content as your desktop site.
  • Structured data should be present on both versions of your site.

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