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Modular Design for scalable website development

When existing websites need changes to scale or expand according to the business growth, they often face various technological challenges. The technology which should support the growth is now inhibiting. Template based development is the major factor for these restrictions. These template based websites require extensive numbers of plugins and hacked-together code for even the simplest of changes. This results an unstable foundation and leads to the point where the development require a fresh start. The major problems with template based development is a simple design change can cause the entire launch to lag behind schedule, become over budget, and there’s no guarantee on the performance results of the new site. Moreover the website need to redesign entirely every 2-3 years for technological compatibility. Modular web design is the ultimate web solution for all of these problems. Modular design brings flexibility to make reactive changes.


Modular web designs are not restricted to a set of template library to meet every requirement of your business, modular development breaks down overall website designs into small components and blocks that can be built and integrated to meet your need.

High Flexibility :

With Modular Website Design we can create web pages dynamically. Breaking up pages into modules means that building a page of blocks until they meet our needs. The every individual block of a page can be customized and design effectively.

Efficiently Scalable :

With modular design, the designer creates a library of modules, not individual pages. Now those modules can be used in various ways to create new pages. As the content needs updates over time, it’s a fairly simple process to adapt and even add new modules to your module library.

Budget friendly :

Once the components are developed, there is no need to do a complete redesign again. Instead, it just require smaller continuous improvements to the website. By minimizing the amount of back-end development work required to make changes to the website, it save money in the long run without sacrificing high-quality results.

Re-usability :

The development of entire website is break down into modules and libraries. These feature oriented modules can be re-used internally to the website or even can be imported for external projects. Ultimately reducing the overall cost of the development.

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Post Author: Diya Sharma

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