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Google ATAP Division full scale digital technology Jacquard is now coming to market. Jacquard weaves the digital experience with the physical things and world renowned brands with helpful and intuitive services. Recently Levi’s launches Trucker and Sherpa Jackets with this ambient computing technology.

Now you can control music, ask for directions, pick a call, take a picture by a simple swipe on your sleeves or just tapping your shoulder. You can customise your digital behaviour with simple gesture over your favourite wardrobe products. Also, pair this technology with your smartphone using Jacquard newly designed App.

How Jacquard technology works?

Central piece of this technology is Jacquard Tag which is smaller than the stick Gum. This tag is connected with an app developed by Google and you can personalise your wardrobe as you like it. Tag is a fusion of IOT and Ambient Computing, having battery life for 2 weeks. Let understand technology behind Tag.

Ambient Computing and IOT (Internet of Things) is the core technology of Google Jacquard. As we know, IOT become normal part of our life, but what is Ambient Computing and how it link with IOT?. Ambient Computing is combination of hardware, software, user, experiences, human/machine interaction and learning. It can sense our environment and respond to our presence and needs.

Jacquard uses a Fabric to creates smart apparel, footwear, bag-packs etc. with digital experiences. This fabric integrates with sensor like RFID, touch sensors, Bluetooth etc. Currently, Jacquard technology supports various services like answer a call, map directions, camera ability and Google’s Assistant features.

Levi’s is first early adopter for Jacquard. Currently Levi’s Jackets available in only Six countries (Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, U.K. and U.S.) in different sizes. This Jacket have installed Bluetooth module in sleeves cuffs and looking like normal jackets. Also, threads of the Jacquard fabric is touch-sensitive which makes it more interactive. Cost of this jackets may vary from $300 to $400.

To know more about this technology, visit official website

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