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Firebase summit 2019 Firebase

Google’s mobile development suite is highly capable of handling each of the development aspects as well as after-development process like publish your app, scaling, testing and many more features. If you are new to android app development or marketing process then Firebase is a one stop solution.

Recent summit of Firebase 2019 held in Madrid, Spain introduces new updates and features. App extensions, Offline support, Web App Expansion Suite, Firebase Emulator suite, analytics and Test Lab are some of the highlights of the summit.

Official Youtube Channel Firebase summit 2019 highlights

Easy Development with pre-packaged Extensions

New update comes with lot more of extensions which easy the development process. Extensions included are :

  • Resize Images Extension (Cloud Storage Support)
  • Translate Text (Cloud FireStore support)
  • Sync With MailChimp
  • Trigger Email with Cloud FireStore Support
  • Shorten URLs and many more.

Forecast Behaviour with Predictions

Predictions use analytics result to predict user behaviour. This tool use the power of Machine learning to create user segmentation. Using Predictions Interface you can see track user’s behaviour and target to specific segment.

More security and transparency

Controlled Access over platform for Roles and Permission. You can create custom roles with specific permissions to enhance security. Add support for new open sourced SDK, additional libraries and Web SDK releases for remote config and analytics.

Expansion of Web app Capabilities

Integration with Google Analytics to support Web App. Now you can create personalised experience for Web App using Remote Config and Cloud Messaging support. New updates include trigger actions, record events, segment user using Analytics just like native apps.

Emulator suite and App Distribution

Now Emulator suite can hot reload for the security roles changes and client and server SDKs. Include support for Real-time database triggered functions for Continuous Integration test. App Distribution now becomes more generalised way to publish your app. Distribute iOS and Android app with pre-release testing. Testing include CLI support for Gradle, fastlane and Firebase CLI.

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