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Chrome releases new version 78 on Beta update Channel with lot more new functionality and bug fixes. Beta update brings faster WebSocket, Dynamic CSS properties, Native File System etc. Chrome team also fixes some common browser problem in Chrome 77 stable channel.

Simplified Access to Native File System

Introduces Native File System API, which helps developers to create more powerful web apps. This API allows to read and write changes to files on the users local device. This API invoke the native editor or IDE, Photo and Video Editor of the platform which in result increase the efficiency of Web Apps.

Faster WebSocket Stream

Latter version of the Browser did not support Backpressure functionality with Websocket API. Due to backpressure, browser may become unresponsive. Beta update will improves the download speed of ArrayBuffer Objects used with Websocket Objects. By improving this problem, we will expect 5-6 times faster version of Browser on desktop.

Smarter CSS properties with Houdini API

Houdini CSS API level 1 allow you to bring more power over the Browser CSS Engine. Now full custom properties for variables register and manage with this API. Animations and transitions can create with CSS custom property.

More Updates …

  • New SMS Reciever API : Allow Websites to access messages sent to users phone.
  • Disallow sync XHR on Page Dismissal : Set flag to opt out XHR requests during page unload.
  • XSS Auditor Depracation : No leak of cross-site information by XSS auditor mechanisms.
  • New Payment Request API : Accept Credit card internationally and Mobile web Checkout Improvement

New in Chrome 77 updates.

In recent update, Google solves common browser problem by introducing new Play/Pause feature. Now you can play and pause audio/ video from any tab open in the browser. To activate this setting update your browser to 77.0.3865.90 version.

Type chrome://flags/ in new tab and Enable the Global Media Controls

flag on chrome
Chrome flag settings

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